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by Cilantro Che Guevara


In the past year or so, several states have legalized gay marriage. Yippeee, right? Well until today, “getting married” for gay people meant little more than legal recognition in those states thanks to a federal (f)law called the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). “Married” gay couples were denied the same federal rights as married straight couples, including things like insurance benefits, Social Security survivors’ benefits, immigration, and most notably, joint tax returns. Yeah, thanks for the “marriage” label guys, but we kinda want to get married for other reasons than invalidating the sacred bond of heterosexuality!

In a 5-4 decision by the Supreme Court today, a section of DOMA was ruled as unconstitutional that allows gay married couples those same rights. A pretty heartbreaking story that’s going around the Internet right now illustrates the success of this decision:

Eighty-three-year-old New Yorker Edith Windsor brought the DOMA suit after she was made to pay more than $363,000 in estate taxes when her same-sex spouse died. If the federal government had recognized her marriage, Windsor would not have owed the sum. She argued that the government has no rational reason to exclude her marriage (she and her late partner, Thea Spyer, had been married since 2007, and together for more than four decades) from the benefits and obligations other married couples receive.

Edith is just one of many who had been unfairly denied their rights by the completely bullshit laws made possible by DOMA — or as I like to call it, DUMBASS. You can bet she is a very happy lady right now, and you should be too!

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