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by Nick Swallow

HOLY COW! This the horniest threesome since… Oh my, I can’t even think of anything to compare it with. I think we just redefined how hot a threesome can be! 


English lad Darius Ferdynand supplies the foreskin in this muscular sex-fest, while Tommy Defendi supplies the kind of thick cock that could choke even the greediest cock sucker. Duncan Black is the lucky volunteer to take both of their dicks up his derriere, and he does it with aplomb (considering he just won Best Newcomer & Best Ass at the Hookies I’m not entirely surprised).


The guys become one muscular, very hard and horny mass of flesh as they suck, lick, kiss and moan, with Duncan often getting attention from both the other guys at the same time. Darius’ thick, uncut cock will push past Duncan’s lips, his foreskin retracting as Duncan’s tongue explores the dickhead underneath, while Tommy pushes his baseball bat of a penis between Black’s pert cheeks and slowly buries every inch deep into his ass, until his balls are pressing against Duncan’s own.


At the end of their hot and sweaty fuck Tommy uses his dick to fuck the cum out of both of the younger, smoother guys, before EXPLODING with his own incredible cum shot, drenching the two guys with gallons of hot spunk.

Check out the trailer below and watch the whole scene here! 

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