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by Quin


In honor of Transformation Tuesday, we wanted to bring some little transformations to your attention – through the eyes of Answered Prayers. This epic film series from Cockyboys has undergone transformation since its inception last year, as a very personal (and totally hot) storyline from Jake Jaxson. Throughout evolutions in meaning, plot line, and models involved in the project; from the bold (Diesel Washington) to the mysterious (Max Carter) to the kinky (Bravo Delta); Answered Prayers has taken us on a journey over the past year. And as the end of that journey comes closer, it’s impossible to avoid discussing one big transformation that we’ve all noticed.

I’m talking about hair.

Have you ever cut all your hair off after a bad breakup, or gotten a new hairstyle that made you feel like a brand-new person, maybe like someone you never thought you could be? If you have, you’ll know the immensely powerful feeling that that change can bring. Our hair is one aspect of our physical appearance – and sometimes, of our life – over which we have a lot of control, even if that means letting ourselves go wild. Even when other things might be out of control. Our hair is also something by which others can take control of us – in short, it’s an extremely vulnerable part of ourselves that is highly sensitive to change. And that’s a phenomenon that Cockyboys is certainly familiar with.

Do you know where this is going?

Dean Monroe and Tayte Hanson, of course. Between Dean’s two scenes for Answered Prayers, The Ascension of the Lamb and The Redeemer, he undergoes a transformation as the character of Seth, and the most visually stunning part about it is his hair – from a neat, slicked-back style in The Lamb to the wild, unruly curls that spring from his head in The Redeemer. From a reserved gentleman in control of his situation to someone more uncertain and vulnerable – but perhaps more open-hearted. And Tayte Hanson? We have yet to see him in his upcoming role for Answered Prayers as The Actor, but earlier this month we all saw the photos: Tayte’s long, windswept and carelessly handsome hair was cut off, taking him in the opposite direction from Dean… and leaving everyone wondering: what exactly will be the nature of his transformation? Who do the menacing characters, wielding their enormous scissors above his head, represent?And, most importantly:

Which, of all the talented, sexy models included in the Answered Prayers series, will The Actor be having sex with??


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