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by Nick Swallow


Asher’s just hanging out in the woods, you know, as you do, stroking his hard dick through his pants and looking a-freaking-dorable with his mysterious, dark brown eyes that make me swoon like a Victorian harlot in a heatwave. He’s shyly cruising around for someone to give him a hard dick up his ass- and what perfect timing! Ty Roderick just happens to turn the corner and begin his mating dance!


OK. So there’s no actual dance. But there is some serious eye contact. And in that eye contact there’s an unspoken promise- that within a minute Asher will be on his knees on the leaf strewn ground with Ty’s throbbing cock stretching his throat and making his eyes water from it’s thickness.


After some of this hot dick sucking the guys move to somewhere a little more discrete by taking a drive in Ty’s car, during which it’s obvious that Asher is aching for that dick to be back in his mouth and- thankfully we don’t have to wait long for this- sliding into his tight, perfect little butt. Ty totally gets off on fucking Asher outside, Asher totally gets off on being fucked outside and I just totally got off watching them fucking outside. Oops. Go watch the trailer while I clean up…

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